Kellie Academy of Dance

Specialising in
“Creative Music and Dance”
Age Groups: 18mths-2yrs / 2yrs-3yrs / 3yrs-5yrs
Full Police Clearance and W.W.C.C
B.A in performing Arts, Diploma in Dance, Diploma in Children Services

Our Philosophy

Kellie Academy of Dance has a strong emphasis on core strength exercises through gross motor skills activities increasing large muscles, flexibility and balance.

Age appropriate dance steps, musical songs and nursery rhythms for co-ordination, cognitive and Language development.

Musical instruments promote appreciation for music, rhythm and the beat whilst increasing small and large muscle control.

Ribbons, balls and hoops in the development of fine motor and hand eye co-ordination.

The Program also promotes confidence, creativity and expression

Our Aim

To provide enjoyable safe dance experiences, respecting each child’s individual development.

The creative music and dance program caters for children 18 months to 2 years, 2-3 years, 3-5 years.

Age appropriate dance steps, musical songs, and nursery rhymes for growth development and dance progression.

The lessons also involve mime/imagination, musical instruments, gross motor, hand eye co-ordination and balance activities.

Benefits (from Music and Dance)

  • Increase large muscle strength and co-ordination
  • Body space, awareness and control
  • Encourages independence, expression and creativity
  • Promotes confidence and pride
  • Increases flexibility and balance
  • Appreciation for music, rhythm and beat
  • Encourages language development

A strong emphasis on core strength exercises

Where are our Classes held

Location:    Ardross, West Australia

Classes:      Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Enquires:  Ph. 0402 55 4026

Email: kacademy08@hotmail.com

Principal: Kellie Beswick